Borderlands 3, the brainchild of Gearbox, has stirred up some chatter regarding its character FL4K, who now identifies with the pronoun “They.”

    Gearbox, the developer behind the game, wants to ensure players respect this choice. They’ve clarified that accidental slip-ups won’t result in penalties, but willful and repeated misgendering could lead to “formal action” taken against the offenders.

    In their forum post, Gearbox clarifies, “To the newer users who seem to have found their way here due to sensationalist tweets, no, no one will receive a ban for unintentionally using the incorrect pronouns. However, if someone persists in intentionally misgendering, the mod team may consider formal action, as specified in the forum rules. If you’re new here and post provocatively or off-topic, anticipate your posts being flagged and hidden pending moderator review. It’s advised to read the forum rules now to avoid any misunderstandings.”

    The statement, however, created quite a Twitter storm. Misinformation led some to believe that failing to use the correct pronoun would result in a ban from the game (which it won’t).

    Despite the confusing twists in the tale, many have voiced the significance of gender choices in the game. One user tweeted, “This tweet is obviously in support of Borderlands. If you’re going to purposely misgender FL4K, you’re being disrespectful. If you intentionally misgender anyone, you’re being disrespectful. Trans rights.”

    Though this news sparked some controversy, Gearbox’s commitment to inclusivity and embracing diverse gender choices has won widespread approval.

    Borderlands 3 is set to launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC next month. The game boasts “countless guns and a brand-new, chaotic adventure,” allowing players to step into the shoes of one of four fresh Vault Hunters. This time, your adversaries are the Calypso Twins, and you’ll have the chance to explore new worlds beyond Pandora while embarking on your looting and shooting quests.

    Borderlands 3 will also offer online play and split-screen co-op, enabling you to savor your hard-earned rewards without having to split the loot. It’s going to be a wild, loot-filled ride! 🎮🌟