Are you an aspiring Etsy seller who wants to wave goodbye to shipping-related stress? You’ve come to the right place! Etsy offers a pathway to sell your goods and services without the hassle of shipping. Here, we’ll unlock the secrets to Etsy’s shipping-free world and dive into the realm of free shipping. Let’s embark on this whimsical journey together!

    How to Sell on Etsy Without Shipping

    Selling on Etsy without shipping is indeed possible. It’s as easy as a walk in the park! Here’s the enchanting spell to make it happen:

    1. Offer Local Pickup/Delivery Only: You can opt for local pickup or delivery. Just make sure to clearly state this in your shop policies and item listings. You can sprinkle this information in your Etsy shop announcement, your listings, or your shop’s FAQ section.

    However, there’s one tiny catch – offering local pickup only might affect your chances of earning the coveted “Star Seller” badge. To attain this sparkling badge, you traditionally need to provide a valid tracking number or an Etsy-purchased shipping label for your orders. If you run into any hiccups during the transaction, be prepared to offer confirmation of pickup or delivery. This could be a photo of the delivery, a signed receipt, or a message from the buyer confirming the order’s receipt.

    1. Sell Digital Items Only: To skip the shipping song and dance, you can stick to selling digital items on Etsy. These digital treasures can include anything from printable artwork to downloadable gems or even feet pictures. List these items just like you would with physical products.

    When marking an order as “Complete,” you’ll see USPS as the default option. You don’t even need to select “Other” because there’s a magic link that says “This order doesn’t have tracking” below the tracking field. Click on it, and a dropdown appears with various options. Simply choose “Digital Items,” and you’re all set.

    1. Enter the World of Dropshipping: Ever dreamed of selling on Etsy without lifting a finger? Dropshipping is the enchanting answer! It allows you to sell items without the need to manufacture, carry inventory, or handle shipping. However, it’s not explicitly an Etsy business model, so be aware of Etsy’s rules and conditions. All items on Etsy must be handmade, vintage, or a craft supply. If you’re listing items in Etsy’s Handmade category, they must be your own design.

    Free Shipping: Things to Consider

    The idea of free shipping has a certain charm, but it’s not without its twists. Here’s a little insight to help you navigate this enchanting journey:

    • Consider Lighter Items: For a smoother ride, think about selling lightweight items. You can adjust the item’s price to cover the shipping cost and still offer free shipping. Heavier items tend to have higher shipping costs, making it trickier to incorporate them into the item’s price.
    • Avoid Shipping to Certain Countries: Some countries have more expensive shipping rates. To avoid soaring costs, focus on selling to nearby countries with more affordable shipping options.

    How to Set Up Free Shipping

    The key to making free shipping work is to weave a little magic into your pricing strategy. Here’s how you can make the magic happen:

    • Include Shipping in the Item Price: You can set your item prices to include the shipping cost. Buyers won’t even notice, and you’ll keep the magic alive.
    • Restrict Sales by Country: You can limit your sales to your own country and offer free shipping to buyers within your borders.
    • Flex Your Shipping Profile Skills: Etsy gives you the power to control your shipping prices with shipping profiles. You can craft these profiles to make your shipping costs flexible.

    Etsy also allows you to offer free shipping for both new and existing shipping profiles. Simply edit a shipping profile from your settings, and you’re on your way to making magic. If you’re using “Calculated Shipping,” scroll down to the “Free Shipping” section and check the box to specify free shipping for domestic or international shipping. If you’re using a “Fixed” profile, select “Free Shipping” from the “What you’ll charge” dropdown.

    Setting Up a Free Shipping Guarantee

    Want to take your free shipping game to the next level? The free shipping guarantee is your trusty wand! Etsy waves its magic wand and automatically applies free shipping to US buyers when an individual item costs $35 or more. Total orders of $35 and above also enjoy this spell.

    After setup, Etsy works its magic on new listings priced at $35 or more, regardless of your shop’s currency. However, for buyers in other countries, the shipping prices remain unchanged. The “free shipping guarantee” applies to both domestic and international sellers who ship to US buyers. Keep in mind that buyers who choose shipping upgrades will be charged for those upgrades, even if their order qualifies for free shipping.

    Once you’ve set up the free shipping guarantee, you can use Etsy’s smart pricing tool to adjust your listing prices for items over $35 and recoup your shipping costs. Remember, after using the pricing tool, disabling the “free shipping guarantee” won’t reverse the changes. The magic stays!

    And there you have it – a magical journey through the enchanting realms of selling on Etsy without shipping and embracing the wonders of free shipping. Happy selling, Etsy sorcerers and sorceresses!