“The character continued to move when I released the sticks”: what they write in the first reviews of Google Stadia

On November 19, in 14 countries of the world (but not in Russia), the official launch of Stadia, the streaming service from Google, will take place. It allows you to run games running on a remote server. For them and for the service itself you need to pay separately.


We studied the first reviews of Stadia, and the opinions of journalists about the service were sometimes almost directly opposite. Someone, for example, complained about a giant input lag, but someone did not notice him.

Most of the time, Stadia worked well. With a normal connection, I looked at the console level of graphics from a mobile device – and with the Founder’s Edition gamepad, I also got console control. When the phone bothered me (which happened with most games), I could go over the PC by opening the Stadia quick menu with redirection to the Chrome tab.
Peter Brown

Gamespot journalist

While we were shooting simple mobs, I was sitting on TV. Then I switched to a PC with a keyboard and mouse when I needed better aiming for the boss fight. I was able to resume the game on my smartphone without any problems when I had to go downstairs for a snack. And all this while playing with a colleague who was 5 thousand miles in London, without any serious problems.

Sean Hollister

journalist The Verge

According to The Guardian columnist Alex Hern, even Destiny 2 and Mortal Kombat 11 worked well in the service , games where the dynamics of what is happening are high. However, it was worth switching to a mobile device, and in shooters like Destiny 2 it became inconvenient to play due to the size of the screen.

The author of Gamespot, Peter Brown claims that he has repeatedly encountered stream compression artifacts, delay and inconvenience in controls. Because of this, in his opinion, Stadia is hardly a worthy alternative to PCs or consoles.

Other journalists complained that Stadia is almost unplayable even with a good connection.

Sometimes it became impossible to play games. Once in Destiny 2, terrible artifacts filled the picture, and I could not even really aim.

Mike Williams

author of US Games

Hangs can be quite severe, and this applies to all devices. When I played Destiny 2, during a large number of enemies and explosions on the screen, the picture slowed down. The same thing happened during cutscenes and at the opening of new locations.

And Mortal Kombat 11 on the phone became unplayable due to connection problems. During one of the matches, my character froze – the gamepad stopped responding. I tried to reconnect it, and as a result the whole service rebooted, which cost me all the progress.

Chris Plant

author Polygon

When I played Destiny 2 and tried to move left or right, the character continued to move even when I released the sticks. For hardcore players, such glitches are not permissible, and casuals like me are annoying.

Brian Chen

author of The New York Times

What does the delay look like in Destiny 2 with gigabit internet

Eurogamer calculated the delay in management compared to the Xbox One X, and the difference was significant – up to 55 milliseconds. Destiny 2 at 30 fps on the Xbox One X gives an input lag of 100 ms, and in Stadia at 60 fps – 144 ms.

The Stadia controller issued to browsers only worked wirelessly on TV via Chromecast. In other cases – mobile phones, PCs, tablets – it was connected via a USB-C cable. Together with the review pack for the tests, the journalists were sent Google Pixel 3a XL, in which there is such a connector – but if it is not on other devices, then the service could not be tested.

Journalists praise the gamepad – the buttons do not fall, and the triggers “feel good”. At the same time, the voice assistant of Google and the instant stream of the game on YouTube were not available in the review versions of the Stadia controllers, so no one could check their functionality.

With the case, similar to the Switch Pro Controller, and the arrangement of buttons in the manner of Dualshock, the Stadia gamepad looks both fresh and familiar at the same time. It looks good, pleasant to the touch and works great. About this controller I want to talk only good.

Peter Brown

Gamespot journalist

Together with the Founder Edition, the kit comes with a special mount for the gamepad and phone. According to reporters, it clings too tightly – so much so that with effort it can even scratch the gamepad. However, it is “perfect” for playing with a mobile device.

If you play in 4K resolution, then Stadia consumes 20 gigabytes of traffic per hour. If in 1080p – 10 gigabytes. At 720p – 4.5 gigabytes.

At the same time, as The Verge journalist found out, Stadia does not always give the promised 4K. For example, Destiny 2 generally works in the service in 1080p with upscale, and even on average graphics settings

The only exclusive that went in the review pack – Gylt – some journalists found boring. It “has a touch of Alan Wake”, but after an hour the game got boring.

In general, many noted that Stadia is hardly needed in its current form – given that half of the functionality at the time the service is launched will not be available, and the broadcast quality leaves much to be desired. And the price for all equipment ($ 129) is not so far behind modern consoles, if you spend money on games.

There is no reason to buy Stadia right now. Partly due to the fact that at the start there will not be many functions, and partly due to the fact that you need to pay three times – for equipment, for service and for games.

Sean Hollister

journalist The Verge

In fact, the only advantage of Stadia is the lack of a box under the TV. If you think this is better than a richer library, the ability to play offline and a large community, buy it. Otherwise, stay with the home console for AAA games or buy a subscription to Apple Arcade to see what the revolution looks like when it focuses on games, not technologies.

Mark Hearn

author of The Guardian

GeForce Now integrates with the Steam library. Project xCloud – with the Xbox library and Game Pass.

Stadia seems to want to give you cross-progression and cross-play, but in reality it is an ecosystem in itself that cannot compete with existing ecosystems.

Daniel Ahmad


Graphics Comparison with Xbox One X (4K)


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