Mads Mikkelsen on work on Death Stranding: “I had no script. I had a Hideo “

The actor talked about the first conversations with Kojima via Skype, his character and his impressions of the game.

According to Mads Mikkelsen in an interview with American GQ, the first conversation between him and Hideo Kojima took place on Skype. Kojima showed him a huge storyboard of his future game, which incredibly impressed the actor.

During a conversation on Skype, I decided: “We need to do this. I do not fully understand what it is, but it sounds as if it will be fun. ” And then we started working, and I ended up in a green room in a helmet.

Mads Mikkelsen

Mikkelsen also admitted that he was influenced by the urgent recommendation of Nicholas Winding Refn, who played Heartman in Death Stranding.

The actor also shared a story about how, at the beginning of his career, he agreed to shoot a film, not fully knowing the script, which he still regrets. Since then, Mikkelsen has starred only in films whose scripts can “study from A to Z.”

However, in the case of Death Stranding, the actor did not know the script completely – he had only a huge storyboard, which was more like a graphic novel. According to Mikkelsen, the game simply could not be explained in a couple of hours.

It’s as if [I and the other actors] had different pieces of the same puzzle. It was new to me to play whole scenes in motion capture equipment, sometimes with other actors, and sometimes alone. You have to keep in mind the whole scene into which you need to breathe life – this is the work of the actor.

Mads Mikkelsen

According to Mads Mikkelsen, his character, Cliff Unger, does not belong to villains and is many times more difficult than it might seem. The actor perceived him as a person who found himself in difficult circumstances – Cliff had to fight for his life and for the life of his child.

When asked how his relationship with Kojima had changed, Mikkelsen replied that so far this has been a working relationship. He also mentioned that he had recently met a game designer at Comic-Con in Moscow and expressed hope that their communication would continue.

In addition, Mikkelsen said that Death Stranding made an incredible impression on him.

I was just stunned in the two hours that I played. I just wanted to sit there forever and see what is behind the next mountain. This is just crazy. I have nothing to compare Death Stranding in the world of games with, as I belong to the world of cinema and graphic novels. And this game, in my opinion, came as close as possible to the animated graphic novel.
Mads Mikkelsen

When asked about the lullaby that the character of Mads Mikkelsen sings at the beginning of the trailer with the release date of the game, the actor replied that under normal conditions he would hardly have begun to sing, as he does not do it very well.

However, when working on the scene with the lullaby in Death Stranding, he felt comfortable – this scene seemed to Mikkelsen a natural step on the way to the world of Hideo Kojima.

The actor also noted that if the game designer again invited him to participate in the creation of the game, he would agree.

If Hideo offers, I’ll work on video games again. Of course. Whether he plans to work on new games or not, I don’t know. Perhaps he has a couple more ideas!
Mads Mikkelsen

Death Stranding was released on PS4 on November 8 and received high critics’ ratings – its rating on Metacritic was 83 points. The release of the game on PC will take place in the summer of 2020 – at the same time in EGS and Steam.


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