Mods have already appeared for Red Dead Redemption 2 – but the very first of them turned out to be fake

Joker Trap.

The release of Red Dead Redemption 2 on the PC took place on November 5, but modifications already began to appear for the port.

The very first appeared on NexusMods events , which supposedly adds to the game Joker’s makeup on the face of Arthur Morgan. Moreover, as noted in PC Gamer, it appeared on the site even before the release.

If you download the file, then there will actually be a modified texture of the head of the protagonist. Here are just no instructions on how to install it, the players did not find – the authors did not attach readme.

Of course, the users were indignant: not only did the mod release before the release of the game itself seemed somehow suspicious, it could not be installed.

Why does Nexus allow you to upload mods that are not mods to the site? And who approved it? 



NexusMods user

Of course, I was hoping that the mods for RDR 2 will appear quickly, but this seems to be the fastest retexture in the Wild West! The game has not even been released. Great job.


Mods user

Please help install this mod, I feel an urgent need to shoot the saloon.

But seriously, why does this mod even exist?


NexusMods user

The creators of the mod explained it this way: you can already pull out the textures from the directory, but you can’t import them back.

At the moment, no one knows how to replace files, but we can already extract and edit them. That’s why we shared the retexture! Just be patient, we will explore the game and try to learn how to modify it as quickly as possible! Thank!


mod author

Judging by the guesses of users of NexusMods, most likely, the authors did not even extract anything from the port – they simply unpacked the textures from the PS4 version.

This should not be on NexusMods. The game is about to be released, and this is not even a mod – you just show us the redrawn texture extracted from the PS4. And, as you said, we cannot even edit RPF files so far, and most likely the textures from different platforms will be different.


NexusMods user

The same authors also posted their Instagram profile on NexusMods, where they moderated the “mods” with the Terminator model, many weapons and skeleton horses. The latter, apparently, are taken from the Undead Nightmare add-on for the first part.

Western editions have already managed to spread the news that the first mod with make-up for the Joker appeared for Red Dead Redemption 2 – and that it did not bother journalists that it was released before the release of the game.

The same PC Gamer suggested that, apparently, Rockstar shared tools with the players before the release. The same thing, referring to PC Gamer, was written in Eurogamer.

The team responsible for the mod – RedDeadModders – did not provide installation instructions because the game has not even been released. So this is a mystery. It is also unclear how RedDeadModders gained access to the game, but hopefully this means that Rockstar gave modders the opportunity to play with files.

Fraser Brown

author of PC Gamer

Of the real mods on NexusMods, so far you can find only “realistic” reshades (like this and this ), as well as a set of sounds from the first part. In addition, players publish saves that allow you to skip some chapters – for example, the prologue and the first chapter.

At the time of GTA V’s release on PC, the first tools for modifications appeared only after nine days – it is quite possible that for Red Dead Redemption 2 the creation of utilities will take about the same time. Rockstar itself, according to official statements, is not against modifications – if they are not created for profit.

The release of the port on the PC itself did not go too smoothly – players faced crashes and errors in the launcher. Developers are already working on the first patches.

Players faced bugs and crashes in the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 – how to get rid of them


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