Gaming sites publish Red Dead Redemption 2 save to help circumvent crashes

Or skip the lingering chapters.


The release of Red Dead Redemption 2 was not without incident – on the first day, players massively faced crashes, launch errors and performance problems.

Rockstar has already responded to complaints, recommending that the game run in administrator mode, and released a patch that solves some of the problems. Also, the players themselves figured out how to fix some errors.

Players faced bugs and crashes in the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 – how to get rid of them

Quite a lot of complaints turned out to be connected with the very first chapter, which takes place in a mountain pass during a severe snowstorm. Players reported a variety of problems – drawdowns and friezes, up to crashes.

I have 1080ti, 9800k – 30 frames per second on 1440r, in that scene with a snow storm. And this with a graphics card loaded with 30% and a processor with 20%? Very strange.Tescobaguser reddit

In snowy locations, the main characters spend almost the entire first chapter – that is, at least 2-3 hours. Because some players, because of problems, cannot even get out into the open world.

Game media are also aware of this problem – and therefore, even on the day of release, publications began to share links to saves where these locations have already been completed. Judging by the total number of downloads on NexusMods, saving is in demand – by the time of writing, notes downloaded them almost two thousand times.

Saves are stored in the following folder:C: \ Users \ Name \ Documents \ Rockstar Games \ Red Dead Redemption 2 \ Profiles

Moreover, some players download saves, not only in order to circumvent crashes – but also just to “avoid boring chapters”, in which, in their opinion, little happens.

The passage of the first two chapters (eight in all, including two parts of the epilogue) takes a total of 8-10 hours – this is approximately 1/5 of the campaign.

Users do not hesitate to establish other people’s save also because in the first missions there are almost no choices affecting the character’s honor – therefore, all players have about the same progress. And in the case of the following chapters, changing saves hardly makes sense.

Saves are not the first files and mods that players began to publish after release. At NexusMods , the first resheydes and sets of sounds have already appeared .


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