An NPD analyst finds it difficult to predict how successful Death Stranding will be.

Mat Piskatella, an analyst with NPD, cannot accurately predict how successful Death Stranding will be from Hideo Kojima. According to him, the game can either show one of the best results of the year, or fall out of the top 20.

Judging by 84 on Metacritic, it can be assumed that in terms of sales the game will not be in the lower part of the spectrum or in the upper one. But where does she stop? Very hard to say.

If my opinion is interesting, then I would say that she will fall into the top 20 most successful games of the year, but she can also be in any other place. Like everything else in this game, predicting this is difficult.

Matt Piscatella

NPD analyst

In this case, Gamedaily analysts predict the game from two to three million copies sold. The most optimistic outcome, in their opinion, is five million copies.

Death Stranding will be released on November 8 on the PS4, and in the summer of 2020 will release the PC version.


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