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SuperData: Borderlands 3 digital sales in September totaled 3.3 million copies

Analysts also said that Fortnite's monthly revenue before launching Chapter Two fell to its lowest level in two years.


SuperData clarified that the 3.3 million copies of Borderlands 3 sold in September include both console versions and PC games.

The average cost of a copy of Borderlands 3 was $ 69, thanks to sales of the Deluxe edition. With this in mind, the revenue of the game “in numbers” for the debut month exceeded $ 228 million.

At the end of September, 2K Games announced that it had shipped five million copies of Borderlands 3 five days after the release, of which 70% were digital versions.

Shipments of Borderlands 3 in the first five days reached 5 million copies – the game set a record among 2K titles on PC 

Fortnite’s September revenue across all platforms was down 43% from August. According to SuperData, the financial results of the “royal battle” before the launch of the second chapter were the worst since November 2017.

The Fate / Grand Order, by contrast, showed significant growth – its revenue in September amounted to $ 246 million, which is almost double the revenue of mobile RPG in August ($ 131 million) and 2.5 times more than its revenue in September 2018 (98 million dollars). The game earned most of the revenue in China.

The spending of players on purchases in the NBA 2K20 compared to 2018 in September increased slightly – only by 6% – and fell in FIFA 20. SuperData explained this by the lack of influence of such a factor as the World Cup, which was held in 2018.

In total, digital revenue from video games in September amounted to about $ 8.9 billion, which is 1% less compared to September 2018. Revenues in the mobile segment accounted for 59% of total revenue – 6% more than last year – while revenue from games on consoles and PCs decreased by 17% and 3%, respectively.


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