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Steam noticed activity related to games from Electronic Arts

Perhaps EA wants to integrate Origin into the Valve store.


Note updated. An hint appeared on EA’s Twitter, partially confirming that the company was going to return its games to Steam.
On October 22, users found traces of test launches of the Origin client in Steam files.

Then, the activity graphs were updated in Saboteur, an action in 2009, which at the time of writing was available only through Origin and GOG.

Someone started the game between October 18 and 21, and the viewing data appeared on SteamDB. Probably this person tested possible integration, and his process was monitored.

Users also found that on October 15, BioWare’s Dragon Age 2 role-playing game received several database updates.

Against the background of these observations, Steam users remembered that a screenshot appeared earlier on the network that demonstrates the updated look of the Steam library – among the products you can see Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, which never appeared in the Valve store.

As noted by The NerdMag portal, all this can mean either preparing some kind of integration of the two stores, or the possible return of EA games to the Valve platform – at least the old ones.

Updated : A video appeared on EA’s official twitter that captures a mug with the company logo from which the steam comes. Steam in English – steam.


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