Stellaris and The Outer Worlds will be added to the Xbox Game Pass on PC in October


Together with them, subscribers of the service will receive five more games – including F1 2018 and Saints Row IV: Re-Elected.

Until the end of the month, the Xbox Game Pass on PC will also include the futuristic quest State of Mind and the adventure indie Minit and Lonely Mountains Downhill.

When exactly these titles appear in the service library is not specified. The Outer Worlds, the upcoming Obsidian RPG, will be available on the Xbox Game Pass right after its release on October 25th.

In early October, Microsoft also named six games that will be included in the Xbox Game Pass console directory – among them were Fallout: New Vegas and Dishonored 2.

In October, Dishonored 2, Fallout: New Vegas, and World War Z will be added to the Xbox Game Pass for consoles.


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