“Matthew McConaughey would have resolved this issue”: how players reacted to the black hole in Fortnite

Guesses, theories and memes - what the community is doing while the game cannot be played.


On October 13, Fortnite held a large-scale event in honor of the closure of the tenth season, during which the entire map was sucked into a black hole. More than 1.7 million people on Twitch watched the development of events in the game, which became a record among similar events in the western segment of the platform.

First, a rocket launched from the island, which flew into a rift in the sky. After that, other faults appeared in it, other rockets began to fly out of them. In the end, a meteorite fell on the map, which opened a wormhole – where the whole island sucked along with the players.

The End of the World affected not only those who were still in the battle, but also everyone else – including players who were in the lobby.

This is what happened to those who missed the event and stayed in the lobby.

After a day, viewers are still watching the wormhole – you can’t play Fortnite yet. Nobody knows what will happen next – however, players are confident that Epic Games is preparing to introduce a new map.

At the moment, the entire Fortnite community is looking forward to it – Twitter and forums are full of assumptions and jokes. And it’s understandable why – while there is a gaping hole in the game, there is nothing special to do.

Here’s how to do such events.

Day Two without Fortnite. 
I met people, and it seems I found those who are called “friends.” 
Not sure. 
It seems to me that when someone claps my hands, this is a sign of greeting – although it could also be an act of aggression. 
I’ll keep you informed.

The fathers of Fortnite players around the world at the moment.

It was the sixth hour of the black hole in Fortnite … We’re going crazy.


Among the players, the wormhole managed to “dwindle”.

I understood the meaning of the black hole.

Oh my god, I know what happened to Fortnite!
Just by the way – Matthew McConaughey would surely have resolved this issue with Fortnite.

The Simpsons Predicted Fortnite Season 11!

On a screen with a black hole, numbers sometimes appear – 11, 146, 15, and 62. So far no one knows what they can mean.

Everyone who is trying to understand what numbers in Fortnite can mean.

This is so stupid. 
I failed math, and Fortnite just throws me numbers.

But there are guesses.

What can numbers mean? 
11 is the average age of a player in Fortnite. 
146 – the number of hours that you need to wait until the 11th season. 
15 – the number of days for which season 11 will be bored. 
62 – the number of Skittles sweets that we ate from the moment the black hole opened.

Meanwhile, the trailer for season 11 has already leaked into the network – it is quite possible that it will be officially shown very soon.
Fortnite is famous for its narrative method: the game world was already experiencing several different disasters, and players even fell into the likeness of virtual reality. However, players are excommunicated directly from the game during the event for the first time.


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