You can try to kill the main villain Ghost Recon: Breakpoint immediately after the start of the game

The open world structure in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is very similar to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. First you need to collect more powerful weapons and pump a character, and only then go behind the head of the main villain. Both in Nintendo exclusive and Breakpoint, the first point can be ignored and liquidation can be started right away, which was what Kotaku journalist Alexandra Heather tried to do .

She wondered if she could immediately kill Kol Walker – the head of the criminal organization Wolves and the main antagonist of the game. As designed by game designers, players should go after Walker after they have gained at least 150 equipment points, but Heather decided to do it right away.

First you had to find out where Walker was. To do this, Heather interrogated several commanders who met during the exploration of the world – they can talk about locations with steep loot or camps where you can relax. Since Heather chose the quest to kill Walker, she was able to select the appropriate question during the dialogue and determine its location – the largest military base on the map. “Amazing, right?”

Then she made her way to the military base and began to eliminate all the opponents she encountered from weapons with a silencer. The fact is that even if the enemy’s level is many times higher than the main character’s level, he will still die from a couple of headshots – in this regard, Breakpoint, according to Heather, is a very easy game. But you need to be careful, as high-level enemies hear better.

Walker was in a huge hangar. When Heather approached him, a heavy tank drone of the highest level, capable of riddling the character in a second, drove towards her.

The journalist managed to demolish the drone with only a few percent of her health by shooting armor-piercing bullets at a vulnerable spot. Since the tank was much more powerful, and even accompanied by other fighters, she could not cope.

In conclusion, Heather complained about a grind typical of Ubisoft games: “As long as you go around the giant map and grab one base after another, the opportunity to immediately kill Walker turns into a little highlight, but not something more.”

The global release of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint will take place on October 4 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. From October 1, the owners of Gold and Ultimate editions have already begun to play the shooter.


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