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THR: Disney and Sony Spider-Man Talks Finish Successfully Thanks to Tom Holland

According to sources, after the deal fell through, the 23-year-old actor personally contacted Bob Iger and Tom Rothman, head of Sony Pictures.

According to THR, negotiations between Disney and Sony have completely ceased on August 20 – the same day that the media first spoke about it .

August 24, Tom Holland appeared at the D23 exhibition, which is held annually by Disney. The actor then did not comment on the situation with Spider-Man – but already on August 25 he personally contacted Tom Rothman and insisted on the resumption of cooperation with Marvel.

According to insiders, Holland was able to influence the head of Sony Pictures due to the fact that the actor must play the young Nathan Drake in the Uncharted film – and the studio does not want him to abandon the role.

Holland also personally addressed Bob Iger, Disney’s CEO. As a result, the studio agreed with Sony – together they will release the third film about Spider-Man, after which the hero will appear in at least one movie comic in the Marvel universe.

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