Persona 5 Royal will allow you to decorate your own castle and move on it for the friends of the Joker

It will be a demonstration of the player’s achievements.


The creators of Persona 5 talked about My Palace mode in the latest issue of Morgana’s Report. With this function, players will be able to enter their own castle in the metavers and decorate it to their taste, using various trophies – for example, the statue of Kamoshida.

The currency will be used for decoration P Medals – it can be obtained for reaching various stages in the personal life of the Joker and for participating in mini-games. The latter will be available in the castle itself.

Placing items in the castle can also be accompanied by the cognitive presence of Joker friends and new dialogues with them.

Finally, you can move around the castle not for the Joker, but, for example, for the cat Morgana – in its usual form.

In the latest issue of Morgana’s Report, they also confirmed that in Royal, costumes from Persona dance spin-offs will appear as DLCs.

Persona 5 Royal will be released in Japan on October 31, and in the West, judging by Game Informer magazine, in March 2020.

Game Informer: Persona 5 Royal released in the West in March 2020 the year


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