October 15: Blizzard Launches 240-Page Cinematic World of Warcraft Artbook


It can already be pre-ordered on Amazon for $ 45.

Cinematics Blizzard are very popular – they are traditionally waiting and watching even those who have not started the company’s games for a long time, or never did.

The Cinematic Art of World of Warcraft: Volume I includes previously unreleased concepts and comments from a team that worked on all of Blizzard’s cinematics for World of Warcraft and has been developing the style for years that it adheres to now.

The artbook covers all the main cinematic trailers, from the very first to the video for Warlords of Draenor.

So far this is only the first volume. Apparently, Blizzard plans to release at least one more artbook from this series – it should already include concepts for Legion, Battle for Azeroth cinematics and the next expansion.

For this reason, the second volume will have to wait a while.


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