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Ninja Manager: Our move to Mixer was motivated by limitations in a contract with Twitch

Streamer found it difficult to develop his brand outside of games.


Ninja, still considered the most popular streamer in the world, announced on August 1 that instead of Twitch it would stream exclusively to Microsoft’s Mixer. Then almost immediately the media began to report that the player received several tens of millions of dollars for this deal.

However, the reason for leaving Ninja, according to his wife and manager Jessica Blevins, was not so much money as the terms of the contract with Twitch, limiting the development of the streamer brand.

The contract was written so that he would not be able to properly develop his brand outside of the games. We already had conflicts with current sponsors and denials. And we told them: “Guys, we worked hard on the Ninja brand for the sake of licensing deals and to make its name known. We can’t retreat anymore. ” After that, our agreement no longer made much sense.

Jessica Blevins

manager and wife Ninja

Ninja was also somewhat depressed by the mood in his chat on Twitch and the level of toxicity – switching to Mixer helped him “restart”.

The terms of the already terminated Ninja contract with Twitch are unknown, as is the current one with Microsoft. However, judging by the release of Gears 5, the company intends to at least use the streamer audience to promote its major releases – for example, the future Halo: Infinite.

500 thousand subscribers, the rise of the Mixer in the App Store and the reaction of Twitch – how Ninja started moving to another platform 


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