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Kevin Feigee is developing a film in the Star Wars franchise

According to sources from The Hollywood Reporter , the producer is a “big fan” of Star Wars, so his participation was a matter of time.

According to the publication, Feigi is developing at least one film, built around a famous actor, who should play a role in the film.

THR sources are confident that there will be no reshuffle in the company, and Kathleen Kennedy will remain president of Lucasfilm. Feigi’s painting will enter the “wave of new projects” on Star Wars.

Disney did not deny this information and confirmed that Kennedy is also still engaged in the new “Indiana Jones” and the adaptation of “Children of Blood and Bone.”

As the Skywalker saga draws to a close, Katie is already developing a new era of Star Wars. Since Kevin Feigi is an ardent fan of the franchise, it is logical that they decided to work on a film from this universe together.

from a Disney statement

According to THR, Feigi can help Lucasfilm permanently reload the franchise. Although the new Star Wars has raised billions, the studio already has the failed Solo and The Last Jedi, which divided the audience into two camps. Such setbacks also led to a decrease in attendance at Disney theme parks, as Bob Iger spoke about at a conference for investors.

After the ninth episode, Star Wars will leave the big movie for a long break – until December 2022, when the film from the show runners of Game of Thrones is released. During this period, Disney will develop the franchise with the help of several series at once in the online cinema Disney + – among them the prequel “Outcast-One”, “Mandaloreman” by John Favreau and the “solo album” Obi-Wan Kenobi with Ewan McGregor.

Earlier, after breaking up the partnership for Spider-Man, Sony representatives said that Feigi himself refused to continue working on this character due to employment. In addition to the Marvel Cinema Universe and Star Wars, he will also be engaged in the revival of X-Men and the Fantastic Four.

In addition to this, The Last Jedi director Ryan Johnson is still developing his own Star Wars trilogy, in which there will be no characters familiar to the audience.


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