Troy Baker didn’t voice Reese for Borderlands 3 because “Gearbox doesn’t work with unions”

The situation finally cleared up.


The fact that Riza from Tales from the Borderlands for Borderlands 3 was not voiced by Troy Baker, it became known back in April. Then the actor said that he “disagrees with how the Gearbox is doing.” However, after the head of the studio, Randy Pitchford replied, supposedly Baker actually abandoned the role.

Now, in a conversation with VG247, the actor explained the situation.

It was not about money. They simply did not want to do what was needed. I never told them no. The problem is that they do not work with unions, and therefore I cannot play for them.

Without going into details, I can say that we had a long discussion of this. We always knew that it would be so that they would take characters from Tales from the Borderlands and show them in the license plate. I was waiting for this call, and when they asked if I wanted to voice Riza, I said yes, of course. This did not happen because they did not want to move away from their position.

Troy bakeractor

Baker concluded that he was not angry, and his character in the third part of the series was already somewhat different, but he still had a little sediment.

Gearbox released the first patch for Borderlands 3 – it aims to improve performance and fix bugs 


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