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Shipments of Borderlands 3 in the first five days reached 5 million copies – the game set a record among 2K titles on PC

This is the fastest selling release in company history.


On the PC, the game set a record for the publisher, leaving only the Epic Games Store. On Steam, it will appear in April 2020, six months after the release.

Of all 5 million copies shipped in the first five days, 70% were digital versions. In addition to this, at the start, the game attracted 50% more people than Borderlands 2 at one time.

The game also set a record for the number of pre-orders – both among all 2K Games games, and in the Epic Games Store.

Along with the start of the third part, the franchise Borderlands crossed the billion-dollar mark in sales for 2K Games.

Previously, Borderlands 3 started from the first line of the British chart and became the largest disk release in 2019. However, in the second week she was unable to maintain leadership and lost the remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, released on September 20 on Switch.

As for the EMEAA charts combining digital and physical copies, Borderlands 3 there also became a leader after the release .


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