Sensor Tower: Mario Kart Tour downloads hit $ 20 million on day one


The early AppTopia platform reported 10 million installations.

With this result, the new Nintendo mobile game was almost three times more successful at launch than Super Mario Run – 20 million downloads versus 7 million. However, it should be borne in mind that Run was originally only available on iOS.

Also, it is almost 31 times more successful than the previous mobile game from Nintendo – Dr. Mario World. She has 650 thousand downloads.

In terms of profitability on the first day, Mario Kart Tour in third place – she earned one million dollars, losing Fire Emblem Heroes (4.3 million dollars) and Super Mario Run (about 4 million dollars).

It is reported that the most popular in-game purchase on the Mario Kart Tour is the Gold Pass, which gives access to various bonuses and an “accelerated” mode. However, for now, the “golden pass” is free and will begin to make a profit in only 12 days.

With a result of 20 million downloads on the first day, the launch of the Mario Kart Tour was the best among all mobile games, beating Pokemon Go and Fortnite.


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