Gearbox released the first patch for Borderlands 3 – it aims to improve performance and fix bugs

Including when aiming on a PC.


The developers assured that they fixed the problem that led to the loss of frames per second during aiming on the PC. In addition to this, Borderlands 3 authors have increased overall performance on all platforms.

Gearbox noted that the patch does not include all performance-oriented fixes, but only those that have already been tested by the team and are ready for release.

In addition, the update included the correction of some bugs and other minor changes. For example, now the viewing angle on consoles is set to 75 by default. This will not affect those players who are in the middle of the passage.

Finally, the developers also dealt with some errors in the interface and the operation of the online component.

Read the full patch description on the Borderlands website . The studio, meanwhile, is already preparing the next update.

Earlier, 2K Games reported that in the first five days the shipment of the third part reached 5 million copies – it became the company’s fastest-selling game both in general and on PC.

Shipments of Borderlands 3 in the first five days reached 5 million copies – the game set a record among 2K titles on PC 


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