The Last of Us Part II comes out on February 21 and other Sony announcements from the September State of Play

The October PS Plus, the trailer for Modern Warfare, a limited PS4 Pro based on Death Stranding and several indie and VR games.

Trailer, Publications, and Release Date The Last of Us Part II

The game comes out on February 21. Judging by the information from the pre-order, the game will take two discs. Joel was shown for the first time in the video – he was old but alive.

The storyline will be built around revenge. According to Neil Drakman, this is the longest and most ambitious game in the history of the studio (Uncharted 4 takes 15-17 hours).

Journalists will share their impressions of several hours of the game on September 26 at 18:00 Moscow time.

The game has four main editions. In addition to the stylebook, artbook and figures, the maximum includes a backpack and a soundtrack on a vinyl record.

Humanity – a new game from the authors of REZ and Tetris Effect

The release is scheduled for 2020. Support is planned for PS VR.

What is the essence of the gameplay, not yet specified, but judging by the trailer, the player has to control the crowds.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Story Trailer

This is the same video that leaked to the network half an hour before the presentation.

Annapurina Wattam to be released in December 2019

The game is being developed by funomena studio – authors of Luna.

Announcement of Arise from Piccolo Studio

The game is published by Techland, and almost nothing is known about it – the developers have not even released a separate trailer yet, but the gameplay can be viewed on the State of Play stream.

The game goes on PS4 and PC.

LA Noire The VR Case Files released on PS4

However, at the time of writing this note, it is not yet available in the Russian PS Store.

Demo remake of MediEvil came out right during the stream

MediEvil: short-lived demoFamous Sir Daniel Fortescue is pleased to present you the short-lived demo version of MediEvil, where you … STORE.PLAYSTATION.COM

Civilization VI Launches PS4 November 22

The publication includes all released updates and add-ons for the game, as well as controls adapted for the gamepad.

PS4 Pro Limited Edition by Death Stranding

Release – along with the game, in November.

The bundle includes a stylized 1TB console, a gamepad and the game itself.

Afterparty trailer by Oxenfree

It turns out “in the fall of 2019”, however, judging by the trailer for the launch, the release will take place very soon.

The adventure game tells about two students who die and go to Hell, but decide to get out of it – for this they need to re-drink Satan in local bars.

The release will take place on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

PS Plus in October – remaster of The Last of Us and MLB The Show 2019


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