The first details of Arise: A Simple Story – Journey -style meditative adventure

The release of the game is scheduled for December 3 only for PS4.


On September 24, at the State of Play stream, they announced Arise: A Simple Story, developed by Piccolo Studio, is the studio’s debut project. An official description of the PlayStation blog appeared .

Your adventure in Arise begins where others might end – near the funeral fire. You wake up in purgatory, where mystical lights from the top of a snow-capped mountain capture your attention. Your path to them turns into a bittersweet journey through your life, where you will relive moments of joy, but you will also have to face destructive tragedies. If this is not enough, you will quickly realize that you have a gift that allows you to turn time to your will.


According to the developers, their main goal was to create an unforgettable adventure, covering different episodes from the life of the protagonist. This will contribute to gaming locations and music.

According to the developers, the creation of the game they were inspired by thoughts about their lives. This is partly due to self-reflection.

This is a very personal project for us, part of our own journey when we pursue our dream. The story we tell at Arise is important to us, and it helped us to have many years of experience (not like yours, I think). We turned to him to tell a story that we hope will affect you. We sincerely cannot wait to get through this.

The game can be pre-ordered on the PS Store. Cost – 19.80 Euro

Arise“Pre-order – Requires immediate payment” Arise is an emotional adventure in a world where they come to life … STORE.PLAYSTATION.COM

The German organization USK issued an age rating for the PC version of the game, so that it can go not only on the PS4, but the developers have not said anything about it yet.


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