GTA V is six years old


On September 17, 2013, the Rockstar game went on sale on the PS3 and Xbox 360. At that time, it seemed like a symbol of the sunset of the console generation – few people understood that GTA V would completely capture the next era.

The game still does not disappear from the charts of different countries, and its total circulation amounted to more than 110 million copies. Rockstar managed to do what many developers only dream about – to release a “default” game: even now if a person buys a new console, he will definitely take a GTA V disc to it. Including from here – consistently high sales.110 millionRockstar sold copies of the game according to the most current data

I managed to get acquainted with GTA V only a few days after the release. At first, the graphics on the PS3 pushed away a little, but the more I played, the more shocked the game was. The most memorable moment was not the plot at all, but the evening when I decided to hijack a plane and just fly over the night city.


Yes, the Rockstar game did not have advanced graphics then, but the simulation of the life of the American metropolis turned out to be unbelievable – the lights of cars located far away could be admired for hours, and sunsets and sunrises were never alike. Honestly, in such trifles, many studios still have not even come close to the six-year-old Rockstar title.

Yes, there was a lot of controversy about the plot of the game, but the developers abandoned their heroes for the sake of GTA: Online, but in essence this is not so important. Like RDR 2, GTA V is a game of such ambitions that only one studio in the world can afford. It delights and scares at the same time.


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