In the second phase of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare beta, you can try the 64- player mode


September 21 in beta Modern Warfare will add the mode of “Land War” for 64 players. On the same day, Saturday, testing will be open to all users of PS4, Xbox One and PC.

At the time of writing this note, the first stage of the beta shooter on PS4 ends – in it, players were able to try both the classic multiplayer modes and battles in the dark using night vision devices.

The second beta stage on all platforms starts in two stages: on September 19, all PS4 owners and pre-order owners on Xbox and PC will start playing, and 21 beta will be open on all platforms.

Testing will end on September 23. Next is only the release, which is scheduled for October 25th.

Previously, Sony removed all versions of the shooter from the Russian PS Store and began to cancel pre-orders, and also canceled the beta test of the game in the Russian Federation on its platform.

However, players are free to install a test client from a Ukrainian account.

Apparently, Activision expected a similar scandal and already in the beta version renamed Russia in the game to the fictional country of Castovia.

In addition, it seems that the shooter still will not be released in retail: M.Video representatives have tweeted that there will be no pre-order for the game in their stores. Modern Warfare pages in this chain of stores have been deleted.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare beta renamed Russia to Castovia 


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