Easter egg: if you die in Borderlands 3 enough times, you can hear the very first line from Skyrim

“Hey, you finally woke up. You tried to cross the border, right? ”


A reference to Skyrim itself, especially when it comes to Borderlands, where at each level there are at least a few Easter eggs, can be taken for granted. However, this time this is at least not a phrase about an arrow in the knee.

How many times it is necessary to die in order to hear this phrase from the resurrection station is unknown. Nevertheless, at least a few Reddit players have already stumbled upon the easter egg, so it’s likely that not so many.


The first seconds of Skyrim have long become a meme on the network – this scene is often inserted after fragments of films, TV shows, other games or videos from life, where the picture disappears sharply and is replaced by a black screen.

As for Borderlands 3, it will be some more time before the players find all the Easter eggs hidden by the developers.


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