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Call of Duty Modern Warfare beta renamed Russia to Castovia

Despite the fact that the Call of Duty Modern Warfare beta test was essentially canceled in Russia, the game client with Russian or Polish is still available on the PS Store in Ukraine and Poland.

After the beta was launched, Russian players noticed that the Operation: Gun Runner map had changed its location – now it is not in Russia, but in the fictional country of Castovia. This caption can be seen at the beginning of the match.

It seems that they generally decided to remove Russia from the game, and not just from Russian localization, as some English-speaking players report that they also had Kastovia.

At the same time, judging by the gameplay records from the alpha of the game, back in early August, the developers used precisely “Russia”.

Previously, pre-orders of the shooter completely disappeared from the PS Store, and players began to receive money back. At the same time, support for the PlayStation announced that the game would not be released in the Russian PS Store – as well as its open beta tests.

Apparently, the decision was made due to the violent reaction of the Russian media to the May shooter trailer, in which the organization “White Helmets” was shown in a positive light.

At the same time, the release on the PC and Xbox One in the Russian Federation is still expected – as well as beta on these platforms.

Activision PR service: Call of Duty Modern Warfare beta on PS4 will not be in the Russian Federation at all 


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