Sam from Death Stranding reacts if you point the camera at his crotch

For the effect, the action must be performed several times in a row.

Earlier, Kojima also confirmed that it is impossible to see the hero’s penis in the game – during urination, he will always turn away.

In addition, players drew attention to an extremely detailed animation of the opening of the beer.

These fragments were shown at the second presentation of the game within the framework of TGS.

Base arrangement, customization, and beer: second demo of Death Stranding gameplay at TGS 2019 

A similar technique with a reaction to the player’s actions was also used with the main character Nier Automata – she pushes the camera away if you try to look under her skirt. And not only in his game, but also in the fighting game Soul Calibur VI.

In Soulcalibur VI 2B, she also doesn’t like to look up her skirt


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