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Borderlands 3 buyers on PC use the Borderlands 2 forum on Steam to solve problems and trolling


September 13 was the release of the shooter Borderlands 3, but the start of the game can hardly be called hassle-free. For example, on the PS4 Pro, it sometimes becomes almost unplayable at times in the priority mode of graphics quality – especially when traveling by car. This is not to mention the various connection bugs.

On a PC, the problems are no less serious: not everything is smooth with optimization, and there is a high chance of suddenly losing a few hours of your progress.

Since Borderlands 3 is on a PC in EGS where there are no forums, many players have moved to the Borderlands 2 page on Steam to discuss issues. Almost all new posts there are now devoted to the third part, which will appear in the Valve store only six months later.

Borderlands 2 General Discussions :: Steam …Borderlands 2 – A new era of shoot and loot is about to begin. Play as one of four new vault … STEAMCOMMUNITY.COM

Of course, many topics are devoted to EGS trolling, however, some players are really trying to get tips and support. There are those who are trying to protect the Epic store, noting that the game is generally good, and there is no difference where to launch it.

Players express their dissatisfaction with the decision to release the game in EGS and technical problems through Metacritic, where the game had an average user rating of 4.3 at the time of writing this note.

Critics generally met the shooter warmer than the players, but reporters were informed in advance that they were launching an unfinished build that did not reflect the quality of the final version, so the bugs had almost no effect on the ratings. At the same time, the publisher issued keys to only a few editions in advance, ignoring the major editions of Kotaku, Eurogamer, and VG247.

At the same time, Randy Pitchford, on his Twitter account, boasted that Borderlands 3 was already twice as fast as the second half in terms of peak players.

Peak online Borderlands 3 on the PC is twice as much as Borderlands 2 for all time 


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