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The series “Dark Beginnings” starts on HBO on November 4

The time has come.

In the story, a young girl named Lira studies at Oxford and lives with her uncle Azriel. After meeting with the mysterious stranger Coulter, she goes on a trip.

It will be opposed by the “Church” – a religious group striving to understand the laws of the universe, in which a part of the human soul, called a daemon, can be embodied in the form of an animal.

“Dark Beginnings” is a film adaptation of the eponymous trilogy of the novels “Northern Lights”, “A Wonderful Knife” and “Amber Telescope” from the writer Philip Pulman. The book ranks third in the BBC ranking.

The main roles were played by James McAvoy (“X-Men”), Ruth Wilson (“Newborn”) and Daphne Keane (“Logan”).


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