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Sony support says Call of Duty Modern Warfare will not be sold on the Russian PS Store

On September 13, the shooter was withdrawn from sale, and pre-orders of the players were canceled.


The continuation PR service: Call of Duty Modern Warfare beta on PS4 will not be in the Russian Federation at all >

On September 13, a screenshot began to spread around the network, according to which Sony support reports that the game will not be released in the Russian PSN at all.

turned to the call center of the service, and this information was confirmed to us. The game was withdrawn from sale by the decision of Activision, and the money for pre-orders will be returned. She will not appear in the store again.

To the direct question “Does this mean that the game will not work out at all?” The operator answered: “Yes.”

Rumors that the shooter will not be released in Russia have been circulating for several weeks. They appeared against the background of the complete absence of the game in retail – there are still no pre-orders there, although the release will take place in only a month and a half.

Almost immediately after the announcement , the Russian media began to criticize the shooter : they noticed a positive reflection of the White Helmets organization in the first trailer, which the Russian authorities actively criticized.

turned to the representatives of the game in Russia about its fate in the Microsoft Store and, where pre-orders are still available, and we were told that “circumstances are being clarified.”

Currently, developers are conducting an open beta test, which is also not available for Russian games on the PS4, however, you can participate in it using a Ukrainian account – it also contains the game.

All editions of Modern Warfare disappeared from the PS Store – the pre-order of the game never appeared in retail 


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