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PewDiePie abandoned his ADL donation after criticism from fans

He stated that he was in a hurry and "did not know much about this organization."

On September 11, blogger Felix Chelberg said in one of his videos that he was going to donate $ 50,000 to the ADL organization, which is committed to combating intolerance and anti-Semitism. Thus, he wanted to get rid of the association with the terrorist attack, in which the person who attacked the mosque called “subscribe to PewDiePie” before the attack.

Some blogger fans criticized him, recalling that it was ADL who at one time openly opposed Felix Chelberg when he released several videos with jokes about Jews. PewDiePie himself has long apologized for those cases and admitted that he crossed the border.

Already on September 12, Chelberg released a new video, at the beginning of which he admitted that he “did not know much about this organization” and obviously hurried up with the decision to donate funds to it.

I made a mistake by choosing the organization that I was advised, and not the one that I really liked, and this is 100% my mistake. Usually I take my time and choose the place where I sincerely want to donate money.

Felix Chelberg


The ADL was criticized several times for its statements – in particular, it stated that the mepe with the Pepe frog is racist in nature because of its frequent use among participants in alt-right movements.

In a conversation with The Verge, an ADL spokesman said the organization had learned of Chelberg’s intention to donate funds along with everyone. She has not yet responded to the news about the rejection of this decision.

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