What happened to the vanilla WoW fan servers after Classic was launched

The logical outcome.

Previously, fans who did not recognize the World of Warcraft add-on had only one option – install custom “vanilla” servers. Blizzard did not like this, and she closed them one by one – for example, in 2016, due to the actions of the company, Nostalrius was disconnected with 150 thousand active accounts.

And only in 2018, the developers proposed their alternative – World of Warcraft Classic . After the launch of the official servers, many players began to switch to them – and pirate platforms, as a result, began to empty. Kotaku discussed the situation with people involved in WoW fan customers.

Classic pirated servers are still running, but online fell as expected: for example, Kronos and Elysium lost 25 percent of the audience. However, before the launch of WoW Classic, server owners thought it would be much worse.

We expected a drop to 50 or 60 percent.

Rainone of the developers of Elysium

The reason classic servers are so popular is simple – the nostalgia of the players. Many wanted to return to those days when the community was smaller and more “lamp-shaped”, and World of Warcraft itself was not yet overloaded with content.

However, the pirate sites, of course, did not have official support. What Blizzard did was to legalize the activities of the “underground” part of the fandom – by pulling the blanket over itself. And, judging by the results of the first month, it’s quite successful: many hours of queues were built to enter the server . The activity in user clients began to fade away slowly.

Even if you look now into the channels of fan servers in Discord, you will see that the prevailing status in the list of users is “Playing WoW Classic”.

But it seems that the owners of such sites were not very upset – or they had already reconciled. Closing fan servers was only a matter of time.

It seems to me that if Blizzard did everything right, then we have no reason to continue to support servers. […] Go to any of them and you will see how much activity has fallen. On our forums, players are seriously discussing the transition to Classic.

Blizzard is the creator of the game, and people correctly believe that the original developers will do better to support it.

anonymous developer from the Kronos team

Some were even pleased with the work Blizzard did.

Throughout the time that our servers were working, we had problems with players who, with the help of bugs in our engine, brought down the economy. This reason alone is enough to understand why people leave for WoW Classic.

Skeithone of the developers of Light’s Hope

It is understandable – enthusiasts who work on pirated servers in their free time can not stand any competition against a whole team of developers with paid work. While third-party sites are full of bugs and exploits, the creators of WoW Classic are able to consistently release new patches.

For example, players noticed that Blizzard fixed a bug related to the spawn of quest mobs. On most private servers, they did not appear where they should have been on assignment, but next to other named mobs – which do not belong to any quests.

Owners of pirated servers are sure that people who continue to play on them, either simply can not afford a subscription, or do not own a good computer. User platforms, of course, are free – although some players are not averse to donating some money to their existence.

However, someone does not switch to Classic in principle.

Many in the community, including me, believe that we should not pay the same money for a game fifteen years ago as for the current World of Warcraft – in which there are more than thousands of hours of content. I think Blizzard just found another way to increase the number of subscriptions.

player from Kronos server

I do not believe a company that promotes lootboxes. It is unlikely that microtransactions will go around the WoW Classic.


video blogger

Moreover, the players are unhappy that the structure of the “vanilla” version has changed.

Layering technology has been added to WoW Classic. Thanks to it, each dimension has several versions that exist simultaneously. That is, the base of players is divided – even if they are in the same world. You can meet someone at one time, add him as a friend, and then the next day you will be on different layers and will not be able to cross again.


video blogger

Also in WoW Classic there are no longer any custom events hosted by owners of private servers – for example, hardcore raids or events in honor of Valentine’s Day. And they are unlikely to ever appear again – yet now the initiative has passed into the hands of developers, not players.

However, the fact that Blizzard has radically changed its mind about the “vanilla” version (previously the developers thought that nobody needed the “classic”) already suggests that the authors are listening to the community.

Personally, it seems to me that with the advent of WoW Classic it is unlikely that sometime something like Nostalrius or Light’s Hope will ever appear. But we convinced Blizzard that there was nothing wrong with returning to the roots.

Skeithone of the developers of Light’s Hope


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