Raven Fights and Grave Awakening in the Gungrave GORE Trailer

In the video, you can see both CGI and the gameplay of the upcoming action movie.


The protagonist of the game is the killer from the crime syndicate Millenion, who rebelled from the dead and took the name Grave.

According to the Gungrave GORE storyline, Grave, along with his companion Mika Asagi, is chasing the Ravens clan, which produces SEED, a narcotic drug that enhances human capabilities.

In the trailer that was shown at the Tokyo Game Show 2019, in addition to Grave, you can see two more characters – his former friend Kagashira Bunji and the girl Quartz, who is infected with SEED and therefore helps Mika Asagi and Grave to destroy the Ravens.

Gungrave GORE is due out in December 2019 on PS4. This is the fourth game in the series that launched in 2002 on the PS2. According to the original Gungrave in 2003, an anime series was also released, which was released by Madhouse.


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