Kremlincorp has opened access to the demo version of the thrash shooter “Stalin vs. Martians 4”

Everyone will be able to try out two missions, eight types of weapons and a number of skills.


To access the demo, you need to leave an email on the game’s website. After that, Kremlincorp should send a link to the trial version of Stalin vs. Martians 4 within a few days.

The developers also showed another gameplay video in which Joseph Stalin, among other things, fights with aliens in the “caramel” location. In the next passage, Kremlincorp promises to show Cthulhu.

Stalin vs. Martians 4 – continuation of the thrash strategy “Stalin against the Martians.” The release of the upcoming game is scheduled for 2020.

Giant robots and trash: the gameplay of the game “Stalin vs. Martians 4” 


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