Kojima Confirms 49-Minute Death Stranding Gameplay Movie TGS 2019

The presentation will be held on September 12th.


Kojima Productions announced on September 6 that, as part of two presentations at the Tokyo Game Show 2019, it will show a total of 80 minutes of content on Death Stranding. Then it was unclear how much of this time would be allocated to the gameplay itself, but Hideo Kojima clarified the situation.

On his Twitter, the game designer confirmed that there will be at least 49 minutes of game frames – this is the timing of the whole video. Apparently, the presentation scheduled for September 12 is allotted for him.

Kojima recalled that he was engaged in editing videos on the game on his own, using records prepared by his team. He wrote scripts for performing on stage.

The second presentation of Death Stranding within the framework of TGS will be held on September 14, and there will be a little less content on the game – 30 minutes. What exactly are going to show there is unknown. There will also be a third performance, in which Kojima will introduce the audience to Japanese voice actors.

Although the release of Death Stranding will take place only on November 8, in early September, Kojima managed to fleetingly declare on his twitter that he was already preparing for his “next project”.


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