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James Cameron on the Avengers box office victory over Avatar: “It gives me hope”

The director is glad that someone managed to beat his film at the box office.

James Cameron and Sam Worthington on the set of Avatar

As Cameron himself told the Deadline portal, when the fourth Avengers broke the Avatar box office record, he did not feel disappointment. On the contrary, the director was seized with optimism and a sense of relief.

It gives me hope. “Avengers: Final” is proof that people are still ready to go to the cinema.

When working on the second and third Avatars, what scared me the most was that the market and the world could change too much. So much so that people would not be pleased with the prospect of sitting in a dark room with a bunch of strangers in order to see something.

James Cameron


The director admitted that he would like to continue to shoot for a big movie, and not for television. And he expressed the hope that his future paintings have a chance of success – after all, the culture of visiting cinemas is still alive.

Does Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 expect the same success, will they fall into the spirit of the times just like the first part? Who knows. We are trying very hard to make it that way.

Maybe we can do it, maybe not. But the bottom line is that the potential is still there, it’s possible. And I am very happy about that.

After all, everything could be different. In a world where content is so easily accessible and everyone can choose something for themselves among different services and platforms, there might not be a place for movie theaters.

James Cameron


The Avengers was the highest grossing film in history without inflation at the end of July. In total, kinokomiks has collected more than $ 2.796 billion at the global box office.

Tony Stark in the arms of Ava: James Cameron congratulates Marvel on Avengers victory over Avatar 


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