How the new comic strip about Kylo Ren and Snowk quotes the original Star Wars trilogy

"An evil version of Yoda."


On September 11, the first issue of Star Wars: Age of Resistance ongoing was released in the United States . The issue talks about the relationship between Kylo Ren and Snowk prior to the events of The Force Awakens.

Although the comic book didn’t reveal the details of the biography of the Supreme Leader (which fans have been asking for a long time), another thing became known – exactly how the mighty Sith coached Kylo Ren. The plot of the issue refers to the fifth episode, to once again develop the idea of ​​a new trilogy – about getting rid of the past.

Attention: the material provides a retelling of the issue with all the plot twists.

The authors of the issue are screenwriter Tom Taylor and artist Leonard Kirk

The comic begins with Snoke holding Kylo Ren over the abyss – to arouse fear in him. According to him, anxiety absorbs weak people – while the powerful turn her into a rage, in order to use it later as a weapon. Snoke wants the student to feel this – so that he is overwhelmed by self-doubt, which would then degenerate into anger.

The supreme leader, of course, lets Wren fall. At the last moment he manages to concentrate and hover a meter from the ground.

This moment once again emphasizes the differences between the dark side of the Force and the light – and at the same time refers the reader to what Master Yoda Luke said in the sixth episode. The Jedi would never have allowed what Snoke is trying to achieve.

Anger, fear, aggression – all these forces are the dark side. As soon as you enter the path of darkness, it will become your fate.

Master Yoda

Then they go to another planet – where exactly, Kylo Ren does not suspect yet. Snoke forbids him to put on his mask – arguing that the student is trying to be like his grandfather. Apparently, the Sith believes that Ren’s weakness can lead him to the same thing that happened with Darth Vader – a return to the Light.

In the end, as it turned out, they arrived on the planet Dagoba – the place where Yoda coached Luke during the fifth episode. Snoke sends Ren to the Cave of Evil – where Skywalker learned to deal with his fears. It was there that a vision came to him as if Darth Vader had fought with him.

Then Luke did not yet know that Darth Vader is his father

Luke felt the same when he went inside.

In the cave, Kylo Ren sees the aged Luke. He manages to defeat the former teacher.

Then a vision comes to him with Leia and Han Solo. He tries to cope with them, too, but his parents do not leave – after which the entire cave collapses due to an outbreak of angry Kailo.

Snook, obviously, was pleased with the result – in his words, “the cave stood for a thousand years,” and in this case the student showed extraordinary power.

The comic again refers to the idea that was developed in The Last Jedi – about getting rid of the past. And, since the Age of Resistance ongoing is conceived as a series of prequels to the new film, the same mood can remain in the ninth episode.

The next issues will be devoted to Rose Tiko, Rei and Kylo Ren himself – they will be published on September 18 and 25. The release of the ninth episode is scheduled for December 19.


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