FPS, stealth and likes for other players: gameplay and details of Death Stranding with TGS

Previously, Hideo Kojima himself asked fans not to watch this demo if they were already sure about the purchase.

  • Judging by the video, the player can not only sleep, but also, for example, “massage the shoulders” or “stretch his legs.” The gameplay takes into account the weight of the carried loads.
  • You can go to the toilet both standing and sitting – these are two different gameplay options.
  • In the DS world, there are objects left by other players, and they can be “like” – the like counter, for example, is displayed even on abandoned stairs. Objects are signed by the corresponding nicknames. Sometimes their purpose will be obvious, and sometimes incomprehensible. But this is not an online game in the full sense of the word.
  • The game has a full-fledged stealth game with cleansing camps, as well as shooter mechanics and hand-to-hand combat: the demonstration used a gun that wraps opponents and hits them with electric current. From behind, the protagonist simply uses something like a noose.

The main character can use a hovering trolley for cargo: if desired, you can drop everything from it and ride it like a scooter

  • In DS there is a full-fledged transport in the usual sense of the word – for example, you can steal a truck. Well, the motorcycle from the trailers was also shown in action.
  • Near opponents, “ghosts” floating in the air, you need to hold your breath by holding a separate button. They can also be fought with the main weapon. One of these clashes leads to a battle with the boss – fire grenades are used to fight.
  • The main character can wash and relax in hot springs.
  • The game has full planning: before going on a mission, you need to select the correct cargo weight and equipment, as well as plan a route – for example, grab stairs for rocky terrain.
  • Monster Energy has been added to DS – they help restore strength.

Full demo recording

Everything is in Japanese.


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