A variety of bellows, uniform gameplay: critics of Daemon X Machina

Fur games are back - but not in top shape.


On September 13th, Daemon X Machina, a third-person action game about battles between giant furs, comes out on the Nintendo Switch. The game is called the spiritual successor of Armored Core, and Kenichiro Tsukuda, the producer of the famous series, took part in the development.

Critics have already passed Daemon X Machina and write about the same thing about her: the impressive customization capabilities and nice gameplay ruin the monotony and slurred plot. We chose the main thing from the reviews.

According to Martin Robinson of Eurogamer, Daemon X Machina has come close enough to the status of a new “decent game about furs,” the appearance of which many have been waiting for many years. According to the journalist, the game feels like a direct continuation of Armored Core: For Answer of 2008 – it has changed so little in the main gameplay formula.

Robinson claims that almost every element associated with the bellows themselves – from the wide possibilities of customization to the sensations of control – is made here at the highest level. The missions, at the same time, seemed to him monotonous – after some time they begin to repeat and it becomes clear that the game can not offer anything new.

The journalist considers the script and the ENT to be the main problem of the game: he advises to skip all dialogues without a twinge of conscience – the critic looked them up “for you” and claims that there is nothing interesting in them. The global plot is also not worth it to follow.

Robinson also has complaints about the interface and the customization system of the mechs: the player has to flip through entire pages of similar details to find the right one. In this aspect, the game turned out to be too old-fashioned and too similar to Armored Core.

This is an imperfect revival of a genre that was already imperfect. But the important thing is that the Daemon X Machine understands what made those old games work, and what made Armored Core so attractive. […] The game clangs and creaks, like an old rusty robot – but this is part of its charm.

Martin Robinson

journalist Eurogamer

Kotaku ‘s Natalie Degraffinride compares the Daemon X Machine with “the worst filler episode of your favorite anime.” She appreciated the gigantic possibilities of customization, but the gameplay itself seemed to her too repetitive. If at the beginning the game offers either just to fight with enemies, or to defend a certain building from them, then another option is added to the finale – to protect vehicles from enemies.

The battles with other furs turned out to be monotonous – you are confronted by typical “damage lips” that need to be methodically shot until they run out of health. Due to the huge strips of HP, according to the journalist, all the weapons in the game feel weak – even after numerous upgrades. Interest in the game is periodically returned by giant bosses who came out really interesting and diverse.

However, if the gameplay, according to the journalist, turned out to be good – if you close your eyes to the general monotony – and even periodically brought her pleasure, then with the plot in the game, according to her, there are capital problems. Degraffinride claims that the story in the Daemon X Machine is simply a collection of anime clichés. The game is desperately trying to make the player empathize with the heroes, but she completely fails.

I adore ENT and fictional worlds, and it’s very difficult for me to advise people to skip cutscenes and immediately start gameplay missions … But here I advise you to skip cutscenes and immediately start gameplay missions. Since I’m a JRPG veteran, getting me to write this is a must.

Natalie Degraffinride

journalist Kotaku

The journalist writes that she tried to fall in love with Daemon X Machina for her nice gameplay, but was never able to. There are just too many in it: missions, dialogs, customization possibilities. Instead of hitting numbers, developers, according to Degraffinride, should pay more attention to the quality of the few things that work well in the game.

IGN’s Joe Screbels notes the outstanding visual component of the game, but generally calls Daemon X Machina “not as well thought out as it seems.”

Scrabbles, like many of his colleagues, customization seemed redundant: he writes also mentions the many pages that need to be flipped, and suggests that the player will spend a lot of time in this interface. However, according to him, every change in the design of the fur is immediately felt in battle.

For example, you can turn your war machine into a “samurai”, fighting at a frantic speed in hand-to-hand combat, or into a long-range weapon that does not let anyone close. Up to six types of weapons can be installed on the fur, of which four can be used simultaneously – for example, you can shoot with a machine gun, bazooka and grenade launcher, while reloading a powerful rail gun. According to the journalist, all this feels as pleasant and at the same time stupid as it sounds.

Screbbels writes that Daemon X Machina allows you to create an absolutely unique fur according to your preferences – however, the main problem is that all the efforts you spend on this will be wasted. In the first two hours of the campaign, you will see almost everything that the game will be able to offer you over the remaining thirteen.

According to the plot, the main characters are mercenaries who simply do their work methodically, mission after mission, and due to the monotonous gameplay, the player very quickly begins to treat what is happening as a routine.

All enemies seem the same, the mission goal almost always sounds like “kill so many enemies” and “protect such and such a building”. Only the journalist has no complaints about boss battles – he only notes that they are more likely felt not as a reward, but as a respite.

Following the colleagues, the critic falls upon the plot of the game: the dialogs seemed to him annoying, and the characters one-dimensional. That would not be a big problem – after all, who cares about the plot of the game about bellows? – if Daemon X Machina did not put such emphasis on the plot and did not go out of her way, so that you still care about him.

Like fur without a pilot, Daemon X Machina is a beautiful shell, inside which there is not much content. This is annoying: the game proves that this forgotten genre still has potential, but is not able to bring anything new and interesting to it.

I was delighted when for the first time in many years I got the opportunity to fully customize my fur, but when I finished messing with my combat vehicle, I had practically nothing to do with it.

Joe Scrabbels

IGN journalist

At the time of publication of the note, the rating of the game on Metacritic is 72 points.


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