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55% of CD Projekt’s sales revenue comes from the USA

And a little different statistics from the company's website.

On September 11, netizens drew attention to the appearance on the CD Projekt website of a document with key facts about the company – both known and previously unknown.

  • 55% of sales revenue comes from the United States, while Europe – 25%, Asia – 9% (data for 2018), Poland – 4%.
  • The company employs more than 1000 people of 39 different nationalities (in 2018 there were about 900 more).
  • The GOG catalog has 2800 titles from 600 publishers.
  • Worldwide sales of the three parts of The Witcher exceeded 40 million copies.

In addition to this, the company also published the names of its major shareholders. The largest share, about 13%, is from Marcin Ivinsky, the founder.


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