“Games are blamed for cruelty while I try to abide by the rules of driving in GTA”

Like a puzzled cat that women shout at, it has become a symbol of exaggeration of the role of video games in mass shootings in the USA.


August 3 in the United States, there were two mass executions with a difference of 13 hours. First, 21-year-old Patrick Crusius staged a massacre at the Walmart supermarket in the Texas city of El Paso. A few hours later, there was shooting near a bar in Dayton, Ohio – it began 24-year-old Connor Betts (Connor Betts). 32 people became victims of two attacks, several dozen more were injured.

After the jokes, Republican politicians began to associate both cases of shooting with the negative influence of “cruel video games.” Later, US President Donald Trump spoke in a similar vein. A Walmart management has sent employees to a requirement to remove a signboard with a “violent games” – a weapon at the same time still remain on sale.

The thesis about the fault of video games in mass shootings was criticized by the media, social networks and representatives of the gaming industry. Vox compared countries leading video games to how many violent gunshot deaths occurred in 2017. The United States showed abnormal results in this study.

In social networks, the video games were spoken against under the hashtag #VideogamesAreNotToBlame . Gradually, users formed a meme with a specific template. They took a picture of two women shouting at a bewildered cat. Women on the Internet have become “media criticizing the games of cruelty.” And the cat is a specific player who does nothing aggressive.

The meme with a puzzled cat broke up on social networks in early summer. In fact, the two parts of the picture are not connected in any way. The shot on the left is an excerpt from the show “Real Housewives Beverly Hills.” The frame on the right is a picture from Tumblr, where the cat was published in front of a plate with vegetables and the caption “he does not like vegetables.”

The discussion about video games and jokes gave me a second life.

“Video games lead to violence,” “I am caring for my fields.”

“Media says that video games lead to violence,” “I am building a house for my wife and children in Skyrim.”

“Media complain that video games lead to murders,” “I use only a tranquilizer in Metal Gear.”
“Media says that video games lead to violence,” “I drifting in Forza.”

“Video games lead to violence,” “I, who maintains all social connections in Persona.”

“Media complain about violent video games”, “I’m afraid to choose a rude answer in the dialogue and I think that this will upset the character”

“Video games lead to violence”, “I try to follow the rules of the road in GTA”

“My mom screams that video games lead to violence,” “I pulling weeds in Animal Crossing.”

“Video games lead to violence”, “I help the locals of the village to harvest”

“Video games lead to violence,” “I, drinking tea with Demetrius in Fire Emblem five times in a row.”

“Video games lead to violence,” “I’m taking a selfie with Donald Duck.”

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