Nintendo has patented the “dzhoykony” for Switch with hinges

It is not yet clear whether the company intends to put them into production.


The patent application was filed in Japan. Judging by the documentation, Nintendo is considering creating a version of the “joysticks” for the Switch with a hinge that allows you to bend the upper part of the controllers.

On the left controller, only the stick falls on the folding part, and on the right – the main buttons A, B, X and Y.

Such a solution may turn out to be more ergonomic, but as Switch users noted, the “joins” are already small enough to change their design.

It is also worth noting that although in a bent form the “joysticks” are repeated in the shape of the DualShock 4 handle, in the case of the Sony controller, all the buttons on the front are in the same plane.

It is still unknown whether the concept from the patent will be used in production. The documentation itself cannot be considered confirmation.


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