By hacking the camera, the player found out that Lisa from PT is almost always behind the main character

5 years after the release, the playable teaser still has its secrets.


As player Lance McDonald noted, during the game of PT, the player often hears sounds as if Lisa, who was murdered during her pregnancy by her husband, is right behind the main character.

In addition to this, the character can often be seen as if its shadow, but if you turn around, then there will be no one there.

By hacking the camera, MacDonald found out that Lisa really almost always is behind the character’s back and is fixed in this position, and therefore the player cannot see her by turning the camera.

It actually attaches to the player’s back as soon as he receives a flashlight. Here I show you those very strange shadows. Then I fix the camera in one position and walk around, demonstrating how she has been there all this time and has been chasing you.

According to MacDonald, Lisa repeatedly caught and scared him while he tried to configure his patches to work with the camera. He could not get used to her appearance.

The player also noted that he still has something to show, but first he needs to refine his tools.

PT was a playable teaser for the Silent Hills, on which Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro worked. The main role was played by Norman Reedus.

The game, however, was canceled, and Kojima left Konami some time after that and began working in the personal studio of Kojima Productions on Death Stranding, again calling Norman Reedus for the lead role.


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