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We talk about the most notable releases of the last seven days.



Price: $3.99 on the App Store and  on Google Play (there is a trial version).

Two defenseless teenagers find themselves alone in an abandoned school full of ghosts. All they can do is hide, run away and seek a way out of the cursed place. Detention resembles Silent Hill in an atmosphere of suspense and doom, while in form it is a very simplified quest, in the spirit of the works of Rem Cat Michalski ( The Cat Lady , Lorelai ). You can’t fight here: the emphasis is on research and history.


Price: $11.99 on the App Store and  on Google Play.

Feral Interactive Studio is the author of many high-quality adaptations of PC games. They manage to find a middle ground: the gameplay is not simplified, but correctly adjusted to the capabilities of the sensor. Rome: Total War, GRID: Autosport, and now also Company of Heroes with Tropico. And if RTS about World War II will be released only in the coming months, then the dictator simulator can already be played on iOS and Android – this is the same Tropico 3, but now in your pocket.

Widower’s sky

Price: $4.99 on the App Store.

The hybrid of the story adventure in the spirit of Journey and the “survivor” was not very warmly welcomed by users: they complain about the unclear purpose of the game, inconvenient controls, bugs and the lack of a tutorial.

For some, this can be a serious obstacle, but with all the shortcomings of the game, it has excellent art direction and great potential – its world is interesting to explore, and local intuitiveness adds hardcore to local hunting and survival. The question is whether you are ready to put up with all the roughnesses now or will you wait for updates.

NBA 2K20

Price: $5.99 on the App Store and  on Google Play (both versions have in- app purchases).

One of the main innovations of the new mobile NBA 2K is Run the Streets mode. With it, a player can take part in streetball competitions held in different parts of the world. There is also the NBA Stories mode, in which the player will go the way of a young basketball player – from playing for the college team to the big leagues.

In addition, the story mode also allows you to go through scripts for five NBA stars – useful for those interested in the history of sports. Also in NBA 2K20, you can also act as a manager: in The Association mode, the user will look for new players in the team, plan a budget, and much more.

Fist of the North Star: Legends ReVIVE

Price: free on iOS and Android (there are built-in purchases).

Legends ReVIVE – a typical butler, created based on the universe, which some Japanese geeks consider the ancestor of “Mad Max”.

Whether to play or not depends on how much you love gacha games that are fixated on collecting heroes: FotNS stands out from the crowd except for its graphics and juicy animations reminiscent of Street Fighter. And if you like memes about Kensiro, then you should start the game, at least to say “Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru” personally.


Price: $2.99 on the App Store and  on Google Play.

Stomped! I want to call Alto’s Adventure a clone, but this will not be entirely true: it is not about an endless journey with the goal of knowing yourself and not being killed about ancient ruins. The meaning of Stomped! in crazy tricks. Here the situation is absolutely normal when an anthropomorphic bear flies up on a springboard, contrary to logic, spins a snowboard under itself, like a skate, slides along the funiculars and scores points.

All this is more like a two-dimensional SSX or Tony Hawk and plays great, thanks to many different tricks, nice graphics and animations.


Price: $2.99 on the App Store.

Inbento is a cute puzzle game about cats preparing a bento (Japanese lunch box). The process resembles Tetris or Fifteen: in front of you is a picture of a finished dish that needs to be repeated from existing products.

The player can not always just put the ingredient on the desired cell – for this, you will also have to use cards that change their places. Or sometimes add to the dish ready-made combinations of products and combine them. With the help of this simple move, the authors managed to avoid excessive uniformity. It turned out not too difficult, but still have to sweat.


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