Digital Foundry studied Overwatch trailer for Switch – the game will work at 30 fps in 900p resolution

The developers had to trim the textures of some surfaces and the equipment of the characters.


Employees of Digital Foundry familiarized themselves with the Overwatch trailer for Switch and tried to draw conclusions about the technical parameters of the shooter. The port is being developed by Iron Galaxy studio, which in the past released quite successful technically versions of Diablo III and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for the Nintendo console.

The developers promised that Overwatch will work at a stable 30 fps and with a resolution of 900p in stationary mode and 720p in portable. This was confirmed by the staff of DF.

For the Switch version, I had to cut the quality of the shadows and the resolution of some surfaces. Judging by the trailer, the rendering range has remained unchanged, but the quality of some elements of the character’s equipment has decreased.

A more detailed review of DF may be released after the release of the game on October 15.


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