Programmer Jam Member Recreates Original Civilization in Microsoft Excel

“What if we used our brains 100%?”


The programmer is responsible for the project under the nickname s0lly – he took up it as part of the olcCodeJam2019 jam, the main theme of which was destruction. Therefore, in his version of the original Civilization, the only way to win is to simply destroy other factions.

s0lly does not deny that the set of features is still very limited. The game includes several units, an option to attack other factions and the ability to build. The creator, however, continues to work and promises to add more features at the request of players.


According to the author, the game in the program for creating tables is almost entirely based on Excel formulas.

In the near future, s0lly plans to release its version for everyone, and the jam for programmers, in which he participates, will end on September 8.

The original Civilization came out in 1991 on MS-DOS, and it looked as simple as the s0lly project.

Original Civilization


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