Death Stranding developers decided to add a “very easy” level of difficulty to the game for the fans of the actors

And everyone who is not too familiar with video games.


The fact that Death Stranding has several difficulty levels was confirmed by Hideo Kojima on his Twitter account.

According to the game designer, he usually doesn’t add the mode “easy” to games, but this time he decided to make an exception. All for the sake of “not too experienced fans of video games from the West,” who were interested in the participation of famous actors like Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen.

And Kojima’s personal assistant, Ayako Terasima, said on social media that she recently completed a Death Stranding test run. It took the girl about a month, given that she combined the game with work.

Terasima noted the acting of Mikkelsen, as well as many topics that the developers managed to raise. She stated that “she had never seen such a smart game.”


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