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The parent company of the publisher Outer Wilds has paid back more than 200 million dollars

Now she is undergoing restructuring.


Back in early August, media reported that the Annapurna Pictures film studio was in danger of bankruptcy. Among its assets is Annapurna Interactive, which published What Remains of Edith Finch, Gorogoa, Donut County and Outer Wilds. Then the company owner Megan Ellison notified employees that there was no danger, and the company was undergoing restructuring.

Now, according to Variety, Annapurna Pictures has paid off its debts worth more than $ 200 million. After the restructuring, the film studio will no longer take loans, and instead will look for partners for each individual project, or use Allison funds.

Annapurna Pictures found herself in the current situation after several setbacks at the box office that she produced, including Power with Christian Bale. The film raised $ 76 million worldwide, while the budget was about $ 60 million.

It is likely that the gaming division of the company will not affect this situation and it will continue to work.


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