Now in Warframe you can play a musical instrument and share track codes

There are already covers on the net titled Morrowind and Kaer Morhen from The Witcher 3, as well as Old Town Road and Despacito.


A chazin musical instrument has existed in the world of Warframe for a long time, but earlier it was just a decoration. Now, with the release of the Saint Of Altra⁠ update, players can equip it and play on it.

Shazin is inspired by the oriental shamisen musical instrument , so he has only three strings. This limitation, however, did not prevent players from playing covers of many well-known compositions, such as the title theme of Morrowind and the entire Elder Scrolls series.

You can use the shazin at any time and the players nearby will hear the melody. Also, songs can be shared in code format.

Among the compositions performed by the players there are also already covers on Old Town Road, Despasito and Russian folk songs.

A selection of multiple covers in one video

Shazin is not the first unexpected mechanics that developers add. In August 2018, amini-game appeared in Waframe , turning a looter shooter into a fighting game.

A full description of the update with a musical instrument is available on the Warframe website.

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